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name is Daniel Vidmar, but I'm more commonly referred to as creatorfromhell online. I am a website designer & developer that uses Photoshop, CSS, HTML, Python, PHP, and Go to bring mere thoughts to fruition. I am passionate about my designs, and learning new techniques, and tricks to reinvent my web design & development skills. I'm also into software development, and languages such as Java, C#, C, C++, and Lua. On the software development side of things I enjoy creating program structures, and bases to which other developers are able to build upon, but I'm also capable of creating full-fledged applications.
hope to gain ground in the commercial side of technology industry, as well as, in the PC/console modding field. I plan on selling custom GPU backplates, and full-blown case modifications. Eventually I would like to be able to provide custom PC cases, and provide users with updated versions of my projects written in a modernized language such as Go. The end of 2017 will be dedicated to finishing expanding on my Patreon Page, my branding in general, and lots of Docker work on the backend.
goals of mine are listed in my State of Code, which I release at the end of each year to provide an outline of what projects I think I'll be dialed into, and how I plan to expand on my knowledge in the technology field itself. My synopsys for the goals I have set for 2018 is to expand into the commercial software field, and commercial PC/console modding field. This will be achieved with more emphassis on game development, 3D printing work, custom acrylic work, and the usual project-oriented focus on the virtual side of things.